Thursday, June 19, 2008



I am in the Cinevegas VIP room on their computer (in a Vera Wang gown and false eyelashes). I took me 5 tries to get the eyelashes on this morning in my hotel room; they're still crooked and why did no one notice?
A Cadillac Escalade (one of the sponsors) came at 8:30 this morning to take the fiilmmakers (us) and 2 magic assistants (Deanna and Pam) to the FOX NEWS lot in Henderson. Deanna and Pam both got lost, but within minutes Deanna called us - she had arrived and wanted to know if he asked to talk to our publicist about the short cut she found to FOX. The publicist knew, but accepted the direction. Magic assistants are the ultimate caretakers and caregivers - at least their generation. I I haven't found one bimbo magic assistant yet.

The RED CARPET began at one in the VIP Lounge. Everyone was on time if not early which is out of character. My mother in law, Irene, is considered a Queen of Magic. She came with John(her ex-husband) and his wife of thirty years, Cathy. They all rode up from LA in the same car.

Teller was Pam Thompson's date, because her hubby is in Asia. Siegfred came and was Irene's date. Reveen the Impossilibist and Coral arrived looking amazing, dapper and sparkly. A Latino hipster came over to Reveen the Impossibilist and praised him up and down for his suit and his LOOK. Then a photographer said Reveen and I made a nice couple. (Reveen is 70-ish).

James Dimmare and Monique came with Luna Shimada (ex-wife to Dimmare) and her husband, Dirk Losander - Luna's baby was due today but her water didn't break on the red carpet as we had hoped. Burton's Babes, Connie and Karen came but I didn't recognize them out of costume. Pam Thompson brought her chihuahua in her pink purse and finally Stacy jones arrived looking stunning with Derek. Jan and Chuck Jones were here too and so clearly the whole thing was a family affair. It was great to have them all together here in Las VEgas for the purpose of celebrating their life devotion to their art - a magical life from the woman's perspective.

The red carpet was crazy. We gathered into a packed house. The co-directors and I were introduced and the film began. From the opening shot to the end, there was laughter. Big! I was shocked; What is that about?

During Q&A many people in the audience thanked us for making a film that made them feel happy. Filmgoers came up to us and said "We're giving your film a 5 because of how happy we are right now!" The cast was also smiling. Phewww! Relief!!

I used to think (and for obvious reasons) the only valid documentary was the one that set out to expose a secret, reveal a global corporate conspiracy, or shed light on some dark issue. If it didn't make you scared for humanity, it wasn't important. It wasn't worth making if it didn't change the world. Now I think the opposite. I am tired of feeling bad and hopeless and overwhelmed with the survival of life on earth.

People leaving the theatre with a smile and feeling good is important to me right now. That we feel good about life. I feel that way today. This was the best birthday present I could ask for!
Love to you all, Blaire