Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Below is my favorite review so far. The last few lines in particular - this audience member got from the film exactly what I hoped our audiences would: hope, love and passion.

I came to learn about "Women in Boxes" through my connection to the magic community. Speaking with a close friend deep in the secret societies of magic, he remarked "Did you hear about the film Women in Boxes?" The hair on the back of my neck slowly stood up, as visions began racing through my head of showgirls in feathered outfits, glitz and glam with large, boxed, and expensive illusions prancing around elaborate stages. Enough to excite even the mild magic enthusiast! There was an instant anticipation to have my curiosity satisfied and I began learning what this film was really all about. After seeing the premiere on Thursday and now reflecting on its impact, passion reached out of the screen and grabbed a hold of me right away. This is a story that no one person could have written or shared through a narrative, but a plot developed through years of relationships. It is an explanation of mankind through the eyes of working couples. Human nature feeds through all of us and she has woven her way through the women in boxes, that share physical, emotional and eventful lives with magic at the center of it all. Top hats off!