Monday, June 4, 2007


I was inspired with the idea to make a documentary about magic assistants after meeting a turbaned, bejeweled but tiny Diva of about 70, named Carol Roy.

Carol is a cross between a beautiful Phyllis Diller (Phyllis you're beautiful too) and Ruth Gordon. She has spent the better part of her life curled up inside a giant light bulb until produced by her husband, Mr. Electric (Marvin Roy).
Based on Carol’s participation, I knew we had a film. This woman could carry the film alone, based on personality and her stories!
Our co-directors came on board based on my big pitch about Mrs. Electric. We invested in cameras, lights, hard drives, sound equipment, hotel rooms. The week before Carol’s first interview, we got a call from Mr. Electric saying she was deathly ill in the hospital. It has been two years since that call. Sadly, Carol Roy, though our film's greatest supporter and cheerleader, remains seriously ill.

The film is now done, with a nod to Mrs. Electric from her peers and some beautiful footage of her popping out of the giant light bulb, which likely caused the malady she suffers from today.

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