Monday, June 4, 2007


With the recent, yet understandable inundation of exposes on political oppression, corporate corruption, apocalyptic warnings and global catastrophe, we wanted to make a film that gave our spirits a lift and our nerves a rest.
The Life of the Magic Assistant was a concept that we we found instantly intriguing. Just when we thought everything had been said about everything, here was an untapped idea and the well was full. We embarked on our filmic quest in typical Storyteller 101 fashion, hunting for the conflict, the hook that would keep our audience engaged, hopefully glued to their seats. What we discovered in this small international community was that - due to the covert nature of Magic, there was a unique and very close camaraderie among women, almost cult-like. We found that the conflict and tension in our film was in the inherent danger of the work, their hand-to-mouth existence as live performers in a digital-centric age, and their interpersonal conflicts with and treatment by…the magician/husband they serve.In their bittersweet reflections on their lives, we discovered several anti-cliches in place within this subculture; the most refreshing anti-cliche being, the assistant is very much the one in control, in fact, the true Magician behind the Illusionist. He could not do it without her.If we have accomplished our mission, then the film has brought beauty, brevity, humanity and restored faith to our viewers that there is still Magic in the world.

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