Wednesday, May 14, 2008


We sat in the "psycho Starbucks" last night, Harry, Phil and I to go over a master plan for the Women in Boxes screening at Cinevegas. Phil was jet-lagged from his trip to Poland and Harry was stressed and uptight as usual. My husband Dante - also a producer, was absent...His part in the making of the film -was that he EXISTED.
Anyway our world premiere is taking place at the Cinevegas Film Festival on June 19th (encore screening on June 21). It is at the Palms. We want all the brightest and best names in magic to attend and support the Magic Gals. And we would like someone with more money than us to throw a Women in Boxes party. Criss Angel is in our film and said some great things. Maybe he will remember he is in the film and throw us a party.
I want to have a marriage like Pam and Johnny Thompson. They fight throughout our entire film. It's my goal to have a marriage like that. Bickering to the sound of doves in the living room. I wish I'd grown up with them as my aunt and uncle: I would have run away to their house. They're the cool grown ups. Doves in the living room.

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